E-Procurement - Payable


Information about the service

Service card

User guide

Website of the service : Click here

Sector : Financial Management Sector.

Responsible Department :Policies & Accounting Standards.

Beneficiary of the Service : Federal Ministries and Bodies.

Duration of Service : 3 Days.

Responsible Officer : Waleed Abdullah Alzarooni.

Direct Number for responsible : 04-3110143

Sector Coordinator : Mounira Ali Abdullah

Direct Number for Coordinator : 02-6987327

Suppliers : Click here

Supplier support request : Click here

Objectives / advantages of the system


  1. Inclusiveness.

  2. Ease of application.

  3. Reduce the procedures.

  4. Flexibility.

  5. Management.

  6. Customer satisfaction.

advantages of the system

  1. Print all required disclosures / Price Comparison - established.

  2. Possibility of cancellation purchase orders / extend tenders transaction.

  3. Mining monthly reports / quarterly of the work of all sections of the Department.

  4. Possibility of getting information on Tenders / practice / direct it.

  5. Possibility of amending the record of the suppliers.

  6. Possibility of follow-up of bank guarantees and queries about them.

  7. Completion of payment of fees and to make sure of it.

  8. The possibility of extracting the total Altercate.

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